Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The presence of lawns in most of the houses and bungalows today has made the use of lawnmowers a viable proposition. Especially when it is the case of lawns with steep banks, selection of lawn mowers become more confusing because there are a number of companies that claim to offer the best lawn mower for steep banks. 

Who does not want a clean and tidy lawn? Properly trimmed grass blades give an enormous sense of beautification to the lawn. There are numerous people around us that find immense pleasure and satisfaction in mowing their lawn. But there are certainly some people who find the task of lawn mowing quite hectic and herculean. It should be noted that the innovations in the field of science and technology have certainly made our lives easier by facilitating ease in certain things which used to require our manual efforts. When it comes to mowing a lawn or a garden having a steep bank, its challenging terrain can be both dangerous and difficult. In that scenario, all you need is the best lawn mower for steep banks. It accomplishes the task with safety and with ease.

There are numerous lawn mowers for steep banks that are available in the market. It may seem to be a topic of utter perplexity that which one should be the ideal and the best lawn mower for steep banks. This article will provide you with a much clearer and accurate viewpoint about which lawn mower should be your best choice. Depending on your individual requirements along with your tastes and preferences, this article can really be helpful to you in choosing the best lawn mower for steep banks.


Reviews of Best lawn mowers for steep banks


1. Greenworks 25022 electric corded lawn mower 


The Greenworks electric corded lawn mower is a heavy duty one. It uses plenty of power and comes up with a 12 gauge extension cord. It’s most renowned feature is that it can be used easily even by old people. It does not require a pull start and starts easily and without any strenuous physical effort. The Greenworks electric corded lawn mower is easier to assemble and it executes plenty of power too. It’s adjustability feature allows you to modify the blade length depending on the length of the grass.


  1. It is much lighter in weight which makes it the apt choice for lawn mowing.
  2. It comes with a higher level of maneuverability.
  3. It has a higher battery life making it more economic and worthy.


  1. It is not suitable for a lawn that is full of thick grass.
  2. It does not work well on mulching mode.
  3. The motor gets cloggy and dirty during use.


2. EGO POWER + cordless walk behind lawn mower

The EGO POWER + mower is one of the most technologically advanced lawn mower in the market. It’s rechargeable power delivers the best performance when it comes to mowing lawns on steep banks. It gets the work done without any unnecessary amount of noise, fumes and fuss. It comes with lithium-ion battery kits along with a rapid charger to recharge the batteries. With its 20″ cut capacity, it cuts more grass in less time.


  1. It comes with LED lights that facilitate mowing of lawn at your desired time of the day.
  2. It has got 3-in-1 function which includes superior mulching, rear bagging and side discharge performance.
  3. In the EGO POWER+ mower the battery run time exceeds the charge time.
  4. It is lighter in weight.


  1. It gets over heated easily.
  2. It gets clogged faster when it comes to mulching.
  3. There might be some problems with its mechanism which causes the rear wheels to lower to adjust the height of cutting.


3. Snapper HD 48V MAX cordless electric self propelled lawn mower.

The Snapper HD lawn mower comes with an intelligent technology that enables it to identify load sensing. It judges in advance the optimum level of power that would be needed for carrying out the operations. It allows for maximum efficiency when it comes to lawn mowing for steep banks. It comes with a single lever which gets adjusted depending on the ideal lawn height. Its 3-in-1 design allows for mulching, bagging, and side discharging of grass clippings. It has got a 60-minute run time on under light loads with the use of Briggs and Stratton 48V MAX 5.0 Lithium-ion battery.


  1. With its vertical storage capability it becomes easier for the mower to save space when kept idle.
  2. Its cordless Lithium-ion battery power allows you to perform the task with ease without any hassles.


  1. The adjustment lever in the mower stick out too far .
  2. At times the mulching bag will not stay in.
  3. Changes in the amount of voltage and current at different places may hamper it’s charging.

4. Sun Joe MJ403E electric lawn mower/mulcher



The Sun Joe lawn mower easily starts and powers up with a push button. It is 17 inches tall in height and comes up with a 13-amp motor. It can aid you efficiently in mowing down a 17-inch wide path in a single pass. To facilitate easy mowing and mulching, it comes with a mulch plug and a removable bag. It starts with ease and does not let out any gas or oil. It has a 12 gal grass capacity. It weighs 31.5 lbs that are around 14.5 kg.


  1. It’s rear bag detaches easily in order to dispose of grass clippings.
  2. You can control the height of grass cutting with its 7 position height adjustment lever.
  3. It is lighter in weight and it does the maneuvering with ease.


  1. The metal springs present in the motor of the lawn can get jammed.
  2. The handle of the lawn mower is in a fixed position and does not move.
  3. When backing the mower the rear flap often tends to tick under the mower.


5. WORK WG 779 40V POWER SHARE 4.0 Ah 14″ Lawn Mower

The WORK WG 779 40V POWER SHARE Lawn mower has dual 20 V batteries that delivers 40 V of maximum power and performance. It comes with dual port charger which has battery power level indicators. It provides the user with an idea about the level of battery available and when the mower needs charging.


  1. With its patented intellicut technology, the  WORK WG 779 land mower delivers power on demand.
  2. It’s foam padded handles reduce fatigue by providing a comfortable grip.
  3. It can mow up to 5500 square feet of lawn on a single charge.


  1. It is better suited for smaller yards.
  2. In case of a larger lawn, it will require recharging the batteries more than once.


6. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower

The black + decker lawn mower comes up with a 13 amp motor which provides it with enough power to moan through tall grass. It has a 20″ mower deck. With its 6 setting height adjustment, cutting grass with accuracy and precision becomes much easier with the BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower. Its ease in assembly and optimal cutting and collection of grass, the BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower can serve you to the best of your needs.


  1. It facilitates easy storage as it is easier to fold and handle.
  2. It comes with an easy push-button to start.
  3. With its winged design blade, optimal cutting and collection of grass can be done.
  4. It is easier to assemble and has high maneuverability.


  1. It does not project a super high power.
  2. It does not have a good mulching quality.




The Sun Joe ION 16 LMCT lawn mower comes with iBAT40 series 40 V Lithium-ion batteries and iCHRG40 and iCHRG40QC chargers that are sold separately. It has a powerful BRUSHLESS motor that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the battery along with maximizing motor performance. It decreases noise and vibration along with extending it’s motor life. The Sun Joe ION 16 LMCT LAWN MOWER is energy star certified, ETL approved and comes with a full 2- year warranty. It’s EcoSharp technology provides no-fade power and maximum performance.


  1. It does not have pull cords or tangled extension cords.
  2. It does not let out carbon, oil, gas emissions.
  3. It has a compact small design which is ideal for small and mid-sized lawns.


  1. It is not suitable for lawns that are large in size and area.
  2. It does not mulch.


8. Greenwork PRO 21-inch 80V cordless lawn mower

The Greenwork PRO 21-INCH 80V cordless lawn mower is equipped with the Smart-Cut technology that not only improves it’s performance but also extends it’s running time. The battery and charger of this lawn mower is sold separately. GBA80200, GBA80400 and GBA8040 are the compatible models of battery and charger for this lawn mower. With its brushless motor, more torque and more power are generated.


  1. It has a 3-in-1 design that allows the user to mulch, side discharge and providing rear bag capability.
  2. Its brushless motors allow the user to do the mowing for a longer period of time.
  3. With more power and more torque, less wear and tear of the mower gets done which further extends it’s life-time.
  4. It can run up to 60 minutes with a fully charged 4.0AH battery.


  1. In cases of tall grass, the mower might move slow.
  2. The mower leaves little bits of uncut stuff which you may want to get removed by slowing down the mower a little bit.



The Sun Joe 12 AMP electric lawn mower is powerful enough to cut a 14-inch wide path with efficiency and ease. With its adjustable deck, tailored cutting of grass can be done as it comes with 3 position height control. It comes up with a 10.6- Gal bag as a part of it’s accessories. When it comes to precision, it’s durable 14-inch blades made up of steel can serve you the best in cutting the grass with precision and accuracy. 


  1. It has a detachable grass catcher for easier disposal of grass clippings.
  2. It does not pollute the environment with toxic carbon emissions.
  3. It maneuvers well even in tight spaces with its rugged terrain wheels.
  4. It is lighter in weight.


  1. You need to have the right extension cord when it comes to using this mower.
  2. It has a narrow mowing width.
  3. The clipping bag that comes with this mower is smaller in size.


10. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Lawn Mower

If you are looking out for the most basic and conventional kind of lawn mower, the American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 can cater to your needs in the best way. It is an eco-friendly version of lawn mowers as it does not require any oil and does not emit gases and fumes. For ensuring a clean, accurate and scissor-like cut, it has an adjustable cutting height of 0.5″-1.75″. It’s blades are made up of heat-treated alloy steel which provides them a higher shelf life.


  1. This lawn mower is friendly to the atmosphere.
  2. It’s 4 blade reel offers great versatility when it comes to different types of common grass including bluegrass, rye, weeb, fescue etc.
  3. It is lighter in weight weighing only 20 pounds and can be used by individuals of any age group.
  4. It’s assembly is much easier as the user just needs to fix the handle in the mower.


  1. At times the mower may require more than one pass for cleaner cuts.


There are certain factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing a lawn mower to be used on steep banks. Steep banks may look very attractive visually but when it comes to mowing them, it can be a daunting task. You can have a look at the following points which will help you in choosing the best lawn mower for steep banks.


Size of the deck


The width of the deck of the land mower is an important element to consider while choosing a lawn mower for steep banks. A wide deck never serves it’s great capacity when it comes to maneuvering around obstacles. Therefore, a narrow deck must be chosen when it comes to mowing steep banks.




Versatile land mowers can be a good choice but you should take care of their attachments. Land mowers with attachments are not a good choice for mowing steep banks. When the extra load is towed from behind in a mower’s attachment, it puts more weight towards the rear which may cause it to flip over, injuring the user.


Ease of operation


When choosing a lawn mower for steep banks, simplicity of functioning should be considered. Lawn mowers with certain complex stuff can be difficult to operate. One must take into consideration features like a cruise control which are specifically designed to promote ease and convenience while using a lawn mower.




On steep banks, lawn mowers which are heavier are never a good option. Moreover, if it is a walk behind lawn mower it may end up taking up much of your effort. In those cases, your best choice would be light mowers that have powerful engines.


Traction control


A better amount of traction is provided by lawn mowers on steep banks that have rear wheel drive. Lawn mowers that are characterized by trodden tires also enhance traction to a huge level. It further reduces the chances of your lawn mower ride to tip-off. Even then you need to take extra caution with the land mowers.


Powerful engine


In case of steep banks, you may require to mow uphill. Keeping that in mind, your lawn mower’s engine must be powerful enough to counter the weight component which acts against the motion. Mowers that are gas-powered are also a good option as they are strong enough to get the work done efficiently on steep banks.


Turning radius


Turning the lawn mower can be difficult on steep banks. Therefore, you should look out for that kind of lawn mowers that have a small turning radius. It facilitates ease in maneuvering. Talking only about turning radius, zero turn mowers could be your best choice but you should also consider other factors too before selecting them for your purpose.




A lawn mower that is to be used to mow steep banks should come with handles that promote both comfortability and stability. The handle of your lawn mower must be able to absorb large amounts of vibration that comes from the lawn mower. In the case of push mowers, handles should be sturdy enough to resist the vibrations. Handles should also be well padded to ensure proper grip.


Choosing a lawn mower to mow flat terrains can be easier. But when it is the case of steep banks, proper selection of lawn mower could be a difficult choice to make. Moreover, choosing the right kind of lawn mower which can fulfill your requirements can really mow your lawn to make it look more beautiful and neat.

With our detailed elaborative guide mentioned above, you can have a very clear idea about what kind of lawn mower you should go for. Along with that, there are certain other factors such as runtime, which is an important factor to be considered in battery-powered models, or fuel-efficiency along with the overall build quality that can aid you in selecting the best lawn mower for the steep banks. Brand value and brand reputation also play a vital and significant role in determining which lawn mower you should go for.



What are the main features to look for in a lawn mower for steep banks?

Choosing the best lawn mower for steep banks depends on the size of your lawn to a great extent. Lighter lawn mowers that are self-propelled and having a rear-wheel drive could be a suitable choice. Along with that, a good amount of sturdiness and traction control is also needed. The more the height of the adjustable blade, the better the quality of work will be done by your lawn mower.

Can lawn mowers mow in reverse when it comes to gas powered lawn mowers?

If the lawn mower comes with the feature of mowing in reverse, it can certainly do so. This information is mentioned in it’s specifications which you can check in advance before buying the product. However, it must be noted that not all lawn mowers come with the quality to moan backward.

How long can it take to charge the battery of a lawn mower?

This is a hypothetical question in itself. It is largely dependent on the mower. Most of the lawn mowers provide an hour’s use when the battery is charged for an hour. However, proper information about this should be taken by the manufacturer before purchasing a lawn mower for steep banks.

Do accessories matter when it comes to buying lawn mower for steep banks??

Having accessories that come up with a lawn mower can always serve to be a favorable point for you. However, you should opt-out for mowers that have everything already included in them. This saves you from further investing your money in buying a mulcher or a bagger separately. 

The presence of more accessories also make the lawn mower heavier which may make it more difficult to mow steep hills.

How to clean my lawn mower?

If the cleanliness of your lawn mower is not taken care of, it may result in a shorter life span of your lawn mower. It can also degrade its performance to a great level.

The way to clean your mower depends on the type of mower you have. You must keep this thing in mind that as soon as you are done with your mowing you must clean your mower. Otherwise, the grass clippings can get dry and end up sticking to the mower.

Is it needed to assemble the lawn mower oneself?

Again, it is largely dependent on the type of land mower that you are having. However, the latest offerings of lawn mower in markets are fully assembled. There could be some basic assembly that you may need to get done but they are backed up by proper instructions and guidelines.

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