How to adjust drive belts on walk behind mower?

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A lawnmower is a very handy equipment for our day to day gardening trimming. A lawnmower is of various types, but the walk behind one is very easy to use machines. These walk-behind mowers present us with flexibility and ease of usage. Walk-behind mowers are easy to grip and move around with. They can be taken to every corner of your lawn and are portable and lightweight in use. This makes walk behind mowers very robust to operate and easy to handle. But in cases of breakdown involving the drive belts which power the walk-behind mowers, it is really a big headache. Many of us are not so tech-savvy, and this breakdown of the mower due to driving cables is a very annoying experience. A loose belt or a broken belt can stop propelling the walk behind mower and affect its entire operation.

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But there is no need to panic. Drive cable faults of walk-behind mowers, can easily be negotiated with by changing the drive cable of the mower or adjusting it to the right tension and tightness for effective operation.

The following steps are required to be followed to drive cable change or adjustments.

  1. The 1st step is to shut down the walk behind mower and then allow it to rest for getting it cooled down. Also, we have to remove its plug from the socket, to avoid any electrical backflow.
  2. Now you have turned the mower sideways and unscrew all the screws beneath with a screw removal toolkit. After all the screws are properly removed, and the drive belt fitted with a belt tensioner is exposed.
  3. Now you can check whether the drive belt is broken or not. If yes, you need to get it replaced by a new drive belt for walk behind mower. Else if the drive belt is loose, the belt tensioner can be adjusted accordingly to tighten.
  4. A new drive belt for your walk-behind mower can easily be ordered online by just visiting the manufacturer’s website and selecting the model and searching for the parts required.
  5. Once the drive belt for the walk behind mower is changed or tightened, you have safely closed the opened parts and tighten them with the screws which were opened while following step 2.
  6. Then next, you need to put back the walk behind in its normal upright position and then plug it in the electrical socket. Then turn the walk behind mower ON. The mower should work fine, and you would be able to use it for mowing your lawn again.

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Thus we see that without much ado, drive belts on the walk behind mower can easily be changed and repaired or fixed by carefully following the steps mentioned above. So, you need not worry any further about fixing them and getting them back working again. Your little bit of effort can fix a broken mower indeed.

Eric Arnow