How to assemble Snow Joe cordless snow shovel?

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Snow Joe has always been a company that has kept a consistent pace when it comes to making equipment that not only provides you with effective and efficient use but also compliments with the latest technology available in the market.  The products offered by snow Joe includes both electric and cordless electric snow blowers, snow throwers and shovels that aid you efficiently when it comes to the removal of snow from your walkways, driveways and many more. The cordless electric shovel that is being offered by snow Joe is superior to other shovels available in the market. One of its biggest advantages is the reduced amount of noise level and carbon emissions. In comparison to the gas-powered snow shovels, the cordless electric shovel runs silently without making too much noise.

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In a recent study that was conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, snow blowers and shovels that use gas as their power source produce around 1 pound of carbon emissions for each hour of use. However,  when the cordless and battery charged snow shovels are used, no such emissions are produced and therefore they serve to be more friendly to the environment.

A traditional snow shovel can hamper your back, shoulders and hamstrings muscles if they are not used correctly. Owing to their weight, the use of traditional snow shovels becomes quite cumbersome for people having health issues as using them can further alleviate problems related to their physical health. When it comes to people who are old, traditional snow shovels are a big no-no. This happens because working with traditional snow shovels requires a certain amount of physical strength which is found less in the case of old people. 

Snow Joe cordless snow shovels, in this case, serve the purpose quite well. They prove to be the most ideal solution for getting proper prevention against a sore back and shoulders. They facilitate easier removal of light snowfall from decks or walkways. They also are capable of moving up to 400 pounds of snow in a minute. 

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Snow Joe cordless snow shovels serve the best for properties that are smaller in size like decks and sidewalks. Their contact and lighter weight allows ease in their storage. The most distinguishing feature of the Snow Joe cordless snow shovel is its comfortable handling that makes the task of clearing snow much more enjoyable. 

The Snow Joe cordless snow shovel is assembled in the following manner:-

  1. First of all, you need to attach the handle. The one handle having an open end should be aimed down towards the auger. 
  2. On the left side, you have to put the screw through the hole and then you have to push it inside. 
  3. After that, you have to make sure that you put the knob in its right place. 
  4. Now you have to adjust the position of the shovel according to the use. 
  5. The next step involves taking the upper handle and the lower handle and pushing it together so that you can see through that hole and then all we take is our silver screw along with the blue knob. 
  6. Now put the screw through that opening all the way through and then connect the knob into place. 

Following the steps mentioned above, your cordless snow shovel will be assembled and ready to put into use.

Eric Arnow