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How to prepare your swimming pool filter system for the winter?

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Do you want to winterize your pool and want to make its filtering system ready for the upcoming winters? It is a pretty essential thing that everyone should do to ensure that the pool can be re-opened quickly in the spring. If you are looking for the exact process to do so, then reading this post is all required to do. 

In this guide, we are going to explain the complete process that will be very helpful for boosting the health of your pool along with the filtering system. We have divided the complete post into three parts to help the readers in a better way.

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Use a suction pipe and brush for cleaning the pool thoroughly. Try to ensure that the ph level of the pool should stay between 7.2 and 7.6. After that, have a look at the chlorine dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Put the exact amount in the filter and let it run for at least 10 hours. 

Once the above process gets completed, you have to add a winterizing liquid so that the growth of fungal can be stopped for the upcoming winters. Again, let the filter run for at least 10 hours and then backwash the filter.

Balancing the water

If you want to maintain the efficiency of your pool, then it is important to ensure that water stays balanced. There is no doubt that your main motive is to prevent algae outbreaks, but we also have to keep the health of the surface and device in mind. 

If winters get extreme in your area, then there is a huge possibility of ice in the pool. You have to make the necessary arrangements for protecting the poolside in that case. The best thing you can do is tethering the polystyrene around the pool as it will absorb the expansion to a greater extent. 

Pool Equipment

Once you completed things mentioned in the above two steps, it’s time for moving towards the equipment installed in the pool. It mainly consists of a heater, filter, and pump. There is a drain plug at the bottom of these devices through which water gets out. 

Pull out the drain plugs and put them in the place where you can easily find out easily again. After that, clean your summer cover with water and then fold it after getting dried. At last, put the winter debris cover on the pool to ensure that leaves and dust can enter your filtering system. Try to make it as tight as possible without dangling in the water. 

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That’s all! If you follow the advice mentioned in the post, then there is a complete possibility that your pool and its filtration system stay in a healthy condition. Winterizing is an important action that every pool owner should take. If you believe there is something skipped in this post, then please write it in the comment section. We are happy to answer your queries.

Eric Arnow