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How to Smoke Large Items in a Grill: Pork Loin, Roast Beef, Turkey

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Are you looking to turn your propane grill into a smoker for cooking for a slow-smoked barbecue or pork loin? Well, we believe that you are one of those few intelligent people who know that propane grills aren’t just about cooking burgers and steaks at all. The reality is you can even cook large meat by following the necessary steps. 

In this post, we are going to explain the technique following which you can easily cook large items like meat or pork loin on your barbecue grill. Let’s check out the process without any further delay now.

Choosing meat

As we have told above, you can cook a great variety of meat on the gas grill that range from salmon filet to even a pork butt.

Other great options to go are chicken breasts, pork chops, or beef brisket. You guys can choose as per the demand. 

Picking some wood

We suggest picking some wood depending on the type of meat you want to cook. There is a pretty amazing flavor created by alder and cherry wood. Other than that, mesquite wood is a wonderful option for beef brisket.

On the other hand, fruit peels and cinnamon sticks can be a great alternative for a little bit of sweet flavor to the chicken. 

Wood Size

The wood is available in many different forms like chunks, chips, and pellets. Wood chunks are slower to burn when compared with chips and pellets. That’s why you will only need two chunks maximum for the smoking job. 

Z Grills

For those who don’t know, chips come in the size of coins and burn out pretty quickly. So, it is obvious you will need more quantity of smoking meat. The third option is pellets that are considered perfect for barbeque due to their clean smoke. 

Delivery Technique

The next thing to worry about is which technique should be used for smoking purposes? We suggest choosing either a smoking packet or smoker boxes depending on the situation. A smoker packet can be easily made using an aluminum foil by closing it around the chips. After that, make some holes on the top side using a form allowing the smoke to escape.

On the other hand, smoker boxes are an ideal option for people who are big-time smokers. There are many different types of smoker boxes available in the market from which you can choose. 

Type of smoke

Another confusing thing that people find hard to choose is whether to choose wet or dry smoke. Please keep in mind that wet wood takes more time to smoke. If you put chips in the pan of water, then there is a chance of steaming before smoking. 

Wrap the wood in foil to ensure that chips don’t catch fire when you put it directly on the grill. 

Wood quantity

We are talking about large thinks like pork loin and beef briskets so you should get enough amount of wood before beginning the smoking process. The reason behind this is it will take hours to cooked and you have to add some amount of wood every half an hour. 

Making grill ready

 Now, it’s time for doing the real job that is smoking on the grill. Here, you have to preheat the grill by turning one side to high and keep the other side off. The wood chips need to be placed on the hot side. Once smoking begins, you have to transfer the burners to the low side. 

After that, the meat needs to be placed on the cold side of the grill. The smoking temperature should be kept between 220° F & 250° F. If you want to calculate the heat of the surface, then we suggest using a digital probe meter.

Never lift the lid

A common mistake made by people is uncovering the lid without finishing the smoking process. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake as smoke will escape if the lid gets opened regularly. The cooking time will have to exceed if you lift the lid. 


Eating a smoking chicken or pork loin gives a feeling of living in heaven. We believe that the readers understand the process mentioned in this post. If you have a query regarding this equipment, then please write to us in the comment section. You can also email us if there is something that you want to ask about the grilling. We will be eager to answer them.

Eric Arnow