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Should you get a grill or a griddle for your backyard cooking setup?

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Summers are approaching quickly and it’s time to cook in your backyard. There is nothing that can beat the taste of a barbeque that you cooked in the outdoors. However, a common problem that people face is choosing between a grill and griddle for setting up a cooking system in the backyard. We believe that you are looking for the same and that’s why you arrived at this platform. 

In this post, we are going to show you the differences between the two and guide in making the right choice. Let’s begin the journey without any further delay. 

Z Grills


A grill can be called equipment that comes with an open cooking surface and stainless steel wires. There is proper support provided by it while heating from below. In fact, it is one of the most well-known devices used for barbequing in an open environment. You will find that even professional cooks prefer to cook on a grill. 

Apart from a very smoky texture and taste, the food cooked on it can be marked in a signature hatched design. Moreover, many believe that griddle can never provide results that a grill can offer. 


A griddle comes also crafted with an open cooking surface, but it is mostly flat and manufactured using steel. It isn’t considered as popular as a grill for barbecuing. The thing that comes in favor of a griddle is its convenience in closed areas like restaurants and kitchens. 

Also, there is a pretty amazing smoke taste offered by a griddle to the food. Although a griddle doesn’t leave too many marks on the food, there are chances of baffling due to its electrical operation. It can work for a variety of things that include barbeque and even pancake. 

What are the real differences between the two?

                        Grill                           Griddle
Grills provide a little bit chary texture to the food that is considered beneficial for boosting its flavor. Griddle gives a soft-core to the food, but its texture isn’t too good along with a lack of smoke.
Grills cook at a double rate in outdoors when compared with griddle due to no flat steel surface. A griddle is a very slow cooker that takes lots of hours to cook the same food. 
A grill is a very cheaper option, and that’s why it is commonly founded in the backyard of houses.  A griddle is pretty costly that goes against it. It is the main reason people shopped less frequently by people
The set-up process of a grill that usually takes minutes. Setting up griddle is even more convenient as the majority of them come with wheels for easier moving.
There is very little space needed for keeping a grill in the backyard. You will require a little bit of extra space for setting up a griddle.



As you can see, grill clearly has the upper hand when it comes to setting up a cooking system in the backyard. Still, a griddle is also a great choice that people are making nowadays. However, you need to identify your needs and make a decision as per that. Happy summers!

Eric Arnow