How do suction side pool cleaners work?

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There are very few people who really have an interest in how mechanical things work. We believe that you are one of them and want to grab information regarding the suction side pool cleaner. For those who don’t know, it is a pool cleaner that uses the suction technique for whooping off the debris from the water. Despite having a little bit misleading name, they are considered the most effective types of pool cleaners among the users. One thing that everyone needs to understand is it is an add-on that gets attached to your regular pump for help in cleaning the pool for extra cleaning.

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In this post, we are going to explain the working of suction-side cleaners in detail. Just check out the complete article and understand how things work. 

Working of a suction side cleaner

The hose in the suction side cleaner is further attached to the filter pump. It results in creating suction in the underside of the cleaner. There is a motion created due to the random movement of cleaner that results in providing a stop/ start pulse to the water. 

The debris is collected through the neck of the unit with this movement. It further moves to the hose followed by the suction port and pipe. The last stop of these impurities is the filter pump strainer basket. When it comes to small debris, it will pass to the pool filter. 

Is suction worthy of your investment?

This question arises in the mind of many buyers and we have even received requests about the answer from lots of readers. Finally, our team thought to answer it in detail. As previously explained, they are one of the most effective types of cleaners, but it doesn’t mean this unit doesn’t have any drawbacks. 

There is no question it is one of the cheapest versions of pool cleaners. However, its first drawback is the pump only has a single skimmer whose power gets reduced when you add a suction side cleaner to it. Another thing that might go against this equipment is you have to install an in-line strainer basket after installing a suction side cleaner. If you don’t do this thing, then the pump basket may be clogged up quite earlier than its original life.

If you succeed in tackling these two challenges, then having a suction side cleaner is a brilliant choice to make. There will be no regret as you will succeed in recovering all the money you invest with its impressive working and performance. 

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We believe that readers have got their answers regarding the working of suction-side cleaners. Apart from that, our team has helped you in knowing the worth of this equipment. There is no harm to installing this thing in your pump as it will definitely help in eliminating debris from the pool.

If you believe that our team has missed something important in this post, please write to us in the comment section or share details through the email.

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