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How long can a Polywood chair last? Is it truly weatherproof and waterproof?

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Are you looking to buy a Polywood chair, but worried about whether it is worthy of investing or not? Well, it is one of the most common things that come in the mind of buyers while shopping for a chair made from Polywood. There are a variety of things that need consideration before we reach to a concussion. 

However, we can happily say that it can last a lifetime if maintained properly by the buyer. It means proper caring will let you enjoy sitting on the favorite Polywood chair for as much time as you want.

Tips to extend the life of a Polywood chair

 There is a great sort of thing that you can perform for boosting the life of a Polywood chair. We have mentioned the major ones below in detail:

Perform cleaning consistently

Perform cleaning of your chair at least once in a month, if possible. It can be performed easily with the help of a soft cloth, warm water, and a small quantity of soap. 

We suggest the buyers to use a high-pressure washer for ensuring that furniture stays new. Perform this activity only once a year. 

Handling tough stains

Although Polywood is a stain-repellent, it still gets stains. There is a full possibility that you will find a cluster of debris accumulate on the chair. 

It won’t go away with soap and water as you have to use bleach powder along with them for this purpose. It will be greatly helpful for eliminating stains from the furniture adequately. 

Avoid putting things on your chair

A common mistake performed by people is putting things like flowerpots on their chairs when not in use. It results in creating tough stains that can make it’s surface weak.

We strongly suggest the readers never to make this mistake if they really care about their furniture. 

Are they really weather and waterproof?

Polywood is manufactured using recycled high-density polyethylene plastic material. It is further mixed with foaming agents and dye followed by crafting the right shape. There is no question about its weather-resistant ability as it is made using HDPE plastic that has the perfect composition to stay protected against various weather conditions. 

However, there are little bit chances that its color may fade away after continuous exposure to sunlight. When it comes to water-proof ability, all the claims made by companies aren’t true. There is no doubt water can be absorbed by plywood, but it doesn’t the water to flow through. 

The buyers can employ a very simple trick to make your chair completely waterproof. You need to ensure that water shouldn’t be absorbed by plywood in any manner. It can be easily done by providing surface protection like lamination or impregnation. Some companies perform surface protection on their furniture while others not.

So, it is important that you check the plywood chair you are shopping is coming with surface protection or not. If it comes with this feature, then you can think about investing in that model. 


The exact age of Polywood chair depends on the way of usage along with many other factors. We hope that this post has answered your queries. If you feel something missed by us, please feel free writing to us in the comment section.

Eric Arnow