How to build a sulky for a walk behind mower?

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The walk-behind mowers are used to cut grass in the fields and the garden. But using a normal mower may cause trouble to the person who is operating the mower manually. To avoid these sorts of problems, sulky are introduced in the field of WB mower.

Purpose and need for Sulky in walk behind mower

Sulky is a lightweight two-wheeled cart that is attached behind the walk-behind mowers to reduce the strength, which is used to push the mower, and it is also easy to move the mower while it is attached with the Sulky. Sulky must be detached to minimize the space occupation of the walk-behind mower.

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There are two types of Sulky i.e. standing sulky and sitting sulky.

Standing sulky

Standing sulky is a simple attachment behind the walk behind the mower, which is parallel towards the mower handle. Where the operator can easily control the motion of the mower while standing, and also it can reduce the strength which is used to control the walk behind the mower manually. The standing Sulky has the benefit of controlling the walk behind mower in all sorts of maneuver way. 

We can get the standing Sulky in two different ways.

One wheeled standing sulky, and two-wheeled standing Sulky depends on the need and purpose we can buy require sulky for the WB mowers.

Sitting Sulky

sitting sulkily is a simple but more comfortable type of Sulky where only one person space sulky, which is solely used by the is a more comfortable and fast way to cut the grass.

Sulky is one of the most important objects in the use of walk-behind mowers, where it helps to minimize the pushing weight of the walk-behind mowers when it has no sulky. And it also helps the operator to control the weight and motion of the mowers while the Sulky is used.

To increase the life & strength of the Sulky, we must choose material wisely to avoid the damage or sudden failure of the sulky, and the Sulky must be detachable, where it can be replaced or repaired. By using sulky, it can reduce the time consumption of the work; while doing without a sulky, it can take too must time to control and use the walk behind mower to cut the grass.

Sulky should make with the ground clearance and flexibility to roam around the uneven surface to operate the walk behind mower without any grapple. Sulky should have the durability and convenient operator control to minimize the time of using the walk behind the mower without the Sulky.

By using sulky, we can reduce the stress and fatigue of the operator, and also it can increase the work produced by the operator by using proper and good Sulky.

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A walk-behind mower with Sulky can be more beneficial when compared to the manually operated mowers. By selecting the good Sulky, we can increase productivity and reduce the time of the work. And by getting suggestions and ideas from families or friends, we can buy or build our own backyard sulky for the walk-behind mower.

Eric Arnow