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Typical pool problems: leaves, algae, dirt, and dust? How to deal with them or prevent them?

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Much-awaiting summertime is finally here! We know that you couldn’t wait anymore to jump into the pool. It doesn’t only give great relief from the heat, but let the participants have much-needed fun. However, you need to understand that maintaining the pool isn’t an easier thing. There are tons of problems associated with the pool that range from dirt to algae and many other issues. 

In this post, we are going to address the typical pool problems and tell you methods to prevent them. Let’s begin the post now.

Growth of algae

This one is a common issue with which every pool owner has to deal with some point of time. It is important that your pool should look healthy with a clear color. However, it isn’t an easy task as you have to deal with things like algae that make it green simply un-swimmable. 

The main reason for the growth of algae in your pool is the low amount of chlorine. So, if you start to see any change color of the water from clear to green, it is ideal for adding chlorine in it. Apart from destroying algae, it will also help in preventing its further growth. 

Cloudy Water

No one will prefer to see cloudy water on their pool instead of a crystal clear look. There is a great chance that it will destroy your mood and you may end up changing your decision to swim. The main reason behind this problem is the build-up of bacteria in the pool. 

These bacteria also get developed due to the low quantity of chlorine in the pool the same as algae that should be avoided at any cost. In this case, you should test the water of your pool and add the diluted quality of chlorine in it to avoid this situation. 

Leaking vinyl liner

There are many instances where we feel that the water level has gone down over the one ¼ inches to 1 ½ inch. It may end up due to certain evaporation that needs to be addressed instantly. To eliminate this issue, you have to find the leakage in the vinyl liner. Firstly, look at the piping and other pool equipment. 

Once you find that all connections are intact, it’s time to look at the liner. The leak might be at the current water level if everything is fine intact in the equipment. In that case, you have to check deeper on the floor and find if there are holes, tear, or worn areas. Repair it with the duct tape temporarily. If the liner is older than ten years, the best thing to do is changing the liner. It will eliminate your stress level for many years to come. 

Dirty Filter

The filter in your pool needs to be checked consistently. If it’s dirty, then there is a great chance it won’t work at the best. Apart from that, we have seen complaints where people have cloudy water problems despite the adequate functioning of the filter. The filter will get dirty quickly if the water stays cloudy or green regularly. 

That’s why we suggest the pool owners clean the filter frequently. The efficiency of the pool filter gets greatly affected due to dirtiness in water.  

Poor Circulation

Many people have mistaken that the problem of poor circulation is caused due to the problems in the filter, but that’s not the complete reality. In addition to clogged pool filters, this problem can also arise due to many other electrical issues. 

In addition to that, poor circulation can also be caused due to hole in the airline. You should hire a poor repairing company if such problems arise as eliminating on your own will be very difficult unless you are an expert. 


We believe that the owners should stay aware of the major problems in the pool and the way to prevent it. If you feel that there is something missed in this post, write about it in the comment section. Stay cautious and perform the required things for the prevention of these problems to a greater extent.

Eric Arnow