How to set up an above ground sand pool filter system?

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Have you bought the new above sand filter for your pool and worried about its installation process? Well, it is one of the common problems that even professionals face after shopping for this equipment. Our main mission is to help the community by solving the problem of readers. In this post, we are going to talk about the right method for setting up the above-ground sand filter system adequately

The main thing that you have to do for winterizing this equipment is draining the sand filter along with the pump. Here, you have to disconnect the hoses attached to the pool, filter, and pump. The outdoor temperature started to rise once the summer approaches. This time is accurate for reopening the pool for summer weather. 

Please keep one thing in mind the point where all three hoses are connected to the filter, pump, and pool should be accurate. Don’t mix up connections as it can result in disaster later on. 

That’s why hook up the sand filter and pump perfectly to the above-ground pool for having terrific fun. Things you need for completing this process are mentioned below:

  • Screwdriver
  • Concrete Blocks

What are the steps that need to be followed for setting up the above ground pool filter pump?

The process needs to be followed correctly for ensuring that no mistake happens from the buyer’s side. You have to follow the steps mentioned below in detail:

Step One-Placement of sand filter

The foremost thing you need to do is placing the sand filter near the pump. Try to ensure that it stays close to the skimmer and return on the pool. The ground where the pump and filter will be kept needs to be leveled properly. If you want to add a little bit extra stability, then keep the pump and filter on the concrete blocks. 

Step Two- Turning off the pump circuit breaker

A common mistake that people end up making is to forget switching off the pump circuit breaker. The pump usually operated by a separate switch. No matter how the pump is connected with the circuit, it is important to disconnect the electricity by switching off the breaker. 

Step Three- Connecting Pool Hose

The hose clamps should slide to all the ends of the pool hose. The first end needs to be connected to the skimmer’s bottom, whereas the other end should be attached to the inlet port. The hose clamps can be tightened using the screwdriver to ensure hose stay secured. 

Step Four- Connecting other nose

In this step, you have to connect the second hose to the pump’s outlet port. Its other end should be connected to the sand filter’s inlet port. Don’t forget tightening the hose clamps using the screwdriver. 

Step Five- Connection with the inlet port

The next step is pushing the final portion of the hose over the outlet port. After that, the inlet port needs to be connected on the side of the pool. 

Step Six

Once you completed the fifth step, switch on the circuit breaker. The sand filter needs to the backwash position by moving the lever. After that, turn on the pool pump and let it run for at least three minutes for ensuring that impurities get removed adequately from the silica sand present in the filter. Now, turn the pump off. 

Step Seven- Rinse Position

The filter should be moved to the rinse position in this step. The pump should be turned on again for at least two minutes. Now, switch off the equipment again. 

Step Eight

It is the last step where you have to move the lever located on the filter to the filter position. The pump needs to be turned on for operating the filter and pump adequately. 

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We believe that you have already installed the above pool sand filter pump adequately after following the steps mentioned in the post. Please make sure that you should keep proper precautions so that your body stays safe. Installing an above ground sand pool filter is the right thing that you can do for keeping it clean from impurities. If you have a query regarding this post, then write about it in the comment section.

Eric Arnow