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Should you consider a robotic pool cleaner? Are they more expensive?

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You have a swimming pool for which you are thinking about buying a robotic pool cleaner. Well, there are lots of promises made by these newly innovative cleaners in their advertising. However, the real question is whether they are worthy of such a higher investment or not? In simple words, the thing is whether they have succeeded in delivering the promises over the years. 

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Here, we will help you in deciding whether you should buy a robotic pool cleaner or not. Let’s read the complete post so that this decision can be made easily.

What are the pros of a robotic pool cleaner?

Allow us to explain the main benefits of having a robotic pool cleaner first. They are mentioned below in detail:

  • The majority of models come with intelligent options that let the users’ program cleaning cycles according to the situation. It is much better than the aimless crawling that takes lots of effort. 
  • The owners can enjoy low-maintenance liberty after installing a robotic pool cleaner. It comes with an integrated filter that gathers the dirt and saves time that spent on the backwashing. 
  • These innovative models come with advanced cleaning technology that lets it effectively suck up pollutants like microscopic bacteria, algae, and dust. It can clean the dirt even from the corners that are almost impossible for manual filters.
  • Another convincing feature of robotic machines is they are future of this business thanks to the availability of top-notch features. Their working is very cool to see not only because they clean even tiniest impurities, but also their ability to work automatically without any need for manual controlling. 

What are the main cons of installing a robotic cleaner in your pool?

The advancement in technology always comes with certain disadvantages, and the same is the case with robotic cleaners. The major ones are mentioned below:

  • The main thing that stops the pool lovers from investing in this equipment is its high cost. In fact, they are the most extensive device to buy for your pool system.
  • Robots need power for a continuous operation that will result in adding an extra burden to your electricity bill.  
  • There are new models launched every year in the market with advanced level features. However, you can’t change a robotic cleaner annually obviously due to the cost associated with it. So, you may miss out on many advanced features that come in the models launched in the upcoming future. 
  • It isn’t a worthy investment for small pool owners who uses their pool occasionally. 

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To conclude, we can say that a robotic pool cleaner isn’t for every pool. No doubt, they minimize the burden of maintenance, but they can’t eliminate them. It solely depends on what kind of requirement you have. There is no right answer to this question as one needs to consider plenty of factors while shopping. We believe you will make the right decision.

Eric Arnow