Why Buy Trex? Is It Better than Wood?

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Trex vs Wood

What is Trex?Trex composite material


Trex is an environment-friendly composite that consists of nearly 95% recycled material. It includes reclaimed wood along with the recycled plastic and other recycled plastic wrapping for paper towels, newspapers, plastic storage  bags, etc. All these things are carefully processed by the manufacturer for better quality and performance.

The remarkable thing is that Trex uses materials that otherwise would just be tossed as garbage.  Think about it.

Right now, we have serious plastic pollution problem in the Earth’s oceans.

Fish, whales, dolphins, turtles are all dying due to mistaking plastic for food. Their stomachs fill up with all the plastic and then they can’t digest their regular food. It’s a bad, serious situation.   As this video urges us, we’ve got to stop using plastic. But Trex at least makes use of it. Hopefully, we can clean up all the plastic polluting the environment, use it for construction, and let the trees grow, too!

Both the demand for and supply of Trex Composite have increased over the years. What is the reason for this surge? Let’s cover this unique composite’s properties,  so you’ll understand and appreciate it and consider it for both decking as well as for adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture.

Trex, or composite decking, is most commonly used in place of wood decking which of course uses natural wood. Composite decks require far less maintenance and care than wood decks. Some people use treated lumber for a wood deck. While treated lumber lasts longer than natural wood, it may contain harsh or toxic chemicals, which create their own problems.

Using Trex for Adirondack Chairs

Most adirondack chairs use either wood or polywood.  Polywood, as we discussed elsewhere, is pure recycled plastic, generally using old plastic bottles. So Trex is a little different from polywood, since Trex uses some wood scrap from saw mills along with plastic.


The main advantage with this type of composite is low maintenance.  There is no need for any type of painting or staining after installation. All users need to do is clean it with  soap and water– hassle-free!  Trex composite decking lasts far longer than other decking materials, up to 25-30 years….or longer!

Advantages of Trex

  • Better Aesthetics

Trex pressure treated composite looks like wood grain patterns and the saturated colors that result providing a natural finish. Moreover, the availability of color options is quite amazing and much more when compared with other materials.

  • Better Value

It is true that the initial cost for Trex is higher, but the maintenance needed is much lower. that results in giving better value to the system.

  • Good Sustainability

Using Trex material gives the same feel and appearance as wood without affecting the environment negatively. As we have already explained, it is made from recycled material like newspaper sleeves and shopping bags so you will contribute to making the environment better.

How Is Trex Different from Natural Wood?

Trex is a hassle-free alternative to wood. Have a look at the table to know the difference between the two:

Trex requires very little constant care, and lasts for years. Wood needs constant care after a certain amount of time.
Trex is much better than wood in terms of durability and longevity.  Most wood, with some exceptions, decays or rots over time.
Stains on Trex are easy to clean. Wood displays even a tiny spill or scuff clearly most of the time.
Trex stays protected against insects or fungi that cause damage. Wood is more prone to insect damage and rot.
Made mostly using recycled material that doesn’t affect the environment. Wood is made by cutting down trees that can promote deforestation. 


You can clearly see which one is the winner.

We believe that now you understand why the demand for this type of decking is increasing day by day. Wood looks like a second option compared to the benefits offered by Trex.  And while Trex has mainly been used for decking, adirondack chairs that use Trex have similar characteristics and advantages to Polywood.

Eric Arnow