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What is the difference between a single and two stage snow blower?

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If you go out for shopping to purchase a snowblower, it must be known to you that the various models of snow blower are different from each other. The foremost question that comes to anyone’s mind while purchasing a snow blower is that, whether one should purchase a single-stage snow blower or a double stage snow blower. The content in this article is going to provide you with an elaborative idea about the differences between a single and two stage snow blower.

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When it comes to a single stage snow blower, they are the cheapest the most basic and include snow shovels. In comparison to one stage snow blowers, two stage snow blowers are more expensive, larger in size and more powerful. The pivotal point of difference that exists between a single stage snow blower and a two stage snow blower is based on their ability to collect and move snow. Talking about a single stage snow blower, it uses a single rotating part which aids in the collection of snow which is ahead in the machine. Along with that it also moves the snow upward along the pipe and then it blasts out the snow in your desired location. The biggest merit which a single stage snow blower offers is that, when it comes to cleaning snow, single stage snow blowers do not leave a single layer of ice or snow. Check the best snow blower for you.

However in the case of a two stage snow blower, there is a presence of one Rotating auger which helps in the collection of snow and then it takes the help of impeller which is a secondary part of the blower, and blasts the snow somewhere else.

There is also an added benefit that comes with a two stage snow blower. Two stage snow blower are characterized with motorized wheels. The presence of motorized wheels makes the pushing of the snow blower much easier as compared to single stage snow blower. However as compared to single stage snow blowers, two stage snow blowers are heavier in weight and they also take much space when they are kept in a storage space. Single stage snow blowers are much lighter in weight, do not require too much of pressing power and are also user friendly when it comes to availability of limited storage space.

The conditions in which a snow blower will be put out into use is also a defining factor to consider which snow blower will be profitable to put your bucks on. In the cases of lighter and fluffier snow, a one stage snow blower will be much effective. However, in the cases of heavier, compacted, or icy snow, a two stage snow blower will provide you the best bang for your bucks.

The differences that have been mentioned in the article above should be sufficient enough to provide you with the necessary guidance while deciding to choose the snow blower which suits your requirements.

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